The Wall

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Eden was built as a safe haven, a place to provide a better tomorrow. Its high walls were there to keep the undesirables out. The stories Solal and Eve grew up with painted Eden as a paradise in a world where everything else was in ruin. It’s where they needed to be. Eden was where Eve’s lifesaving medication can be found, but they had to get through the wall first. When Solal finally made it in, he found that walls were there to keep the monsters from getting out.

The Wall is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Mario Alberti and based on the story by Antoine Charreyron. Many world leaders have proposed building walls throughout history to keep certain populations out. Charreyron drafted his story as a reaction to these politicians. Alberti brought Charreyron’s dystopian tale to life with pen and ink. He was able to portray the grizzly scenes with shaded colors and dark imagery. Even though the story is violent, the art is not overly graphic. Charreyron’s story, along with Alberti’s art, depicts the struggles that outsiders go through to make a better life. This post-apocalyptic tale is for those who wish to smash down the walls.

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Star Count /5
Format Hard
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Publisher Magnetic Press
Publish Date 21-Dec-2021
ISBN 9781951719302 Buy this Book
Issue March 2022
Category Sequential Art