The Mythology Class: Where Philippine Legends Become Reality (A Graphic Novel)

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The Philippines has always had vibrant storytelling and art traditions. As a medium for folklore to take hold within a new generation, the graphic novel offers an approachable way to tap beliefs and ways of knowing that are grounded in culture and tradition. Tuttle Publishing’s release of Arnold Arre’s The Mythology Class brings the classic Philippine graphic novel to a global audience. The story follows the adventures of college student Nicole Lacson and her friends in a quest to hold off an ancient evil. As they learn more about the looming threat, they encounter mythological beings of tribal lore. Each confrontation brings Nicole closer to the sinister menace, testing her spirit and will, causing her to engage head-on with her past.

The Mythology Class is the graphic novel I wish I had while growing up in Manila. Arre succeeds in bringing to life indigenous Philippine folklore in contemporary settings. Reading the international release, I was filled with pride that my people’s mythology was finally being seen and understood by a broader audience. For readers unfamiliar with Philippine folk stories, this book provides an excellent introduction to Philippine belief systems and interpersonal values. Not only do readers get to understand Filipino mythology through Arre’s narrative, they also experience Filipino ways of being: loyalty, respect for elders, concern for others, helpfulness, and cooperation.

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Format Trade
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Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Publish Date 11-Oct-2022
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Issue November 2022
Category Sequential Art