The Language of Tattoos: 130 Symbols and What They Mean

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The art of tattooing has been in existence for hundreds of years, being an easy way for individuals in all walks of life to express themselves or bring attention to something important to them. The Language of Tattoos is a guide for both those experienced with tattoos and not to educate them on the variety of options and the category they fall into. Nine categories and one hundred thirty tattoos are explained by authors and experts Munden and Schonberger. The authors educate their readers on the history and occasional myths behind the variety of tattoos with a detailed, colored picture accompanying each one.

Having a standing interest in tattoos, The Language of Tattoos has proved informative and entertaining for both knowledge and pleasing visual aesthetics. This book is another media form of knowledge about tattoos, accompanying tattoo television shows that are always highly popular and entertaining to watch. I appreciated that many of the tattoo ideas included more than one example of its presentation on paper, to be imagined on human skin. Regardless of the reader’s initial preference about tattoos, reading The Language of Tattoos might change some minds or at least serve as a beacon of knowledge.

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Publisher Frances Lincoln
Publish Date 22-Nov-2022
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Issue November 2022
Category Architecture & Photography