Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, the Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle

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Children and adults of all ages will find great joy in reading this fantastic adventure story by author Steven Joseph. Snoodles in Space tells the story of three brothers and how they save the planet with their wacky inventions. Sour Croodleman creates a stinky vehicle called the Krautmobile that runs on sauerkraut. Then, his brother Herbie Snoodleman creates the Snoodle, which runs on noodles. The best thing about the Snoodle is that it provides families with dinner when they come home. Sour is irritated that his brother’s vehicle made his fail so he opens a cafe. The third brother, Norman Noodle, and his wife Sally Stroodle run a wonderful pastry shop and have two children, Briana Brainy Broodle and Ricky Rockadoodle. Norman and Sally often said to their children, “You know. This isn’t brain surgery” or “You know. This isn’t rocket science” which is particularly funny because of the childrens’ names!

What I really loved about this book is the way so many of the words rhymed and kept with the noodle theme of the book. The plot reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch after school or on Saturday mornings where the good guys had to save the world from the bad guys and their evil plans. I could easily see this book and its characters turning into a cartoon series for children.

When Norman and Sally are kidnapped by Evil Kidoodle, Briana and Ricky enlist the help of their brainiac brothers and even though Sour is mad at Herbie for making a better vehicle, they work together. The crew must go into outer space to save Norman and Sally and with the help of Sour’s invention, the Prickly Peppered Purple Propulsion Powered Pickle, they just might be able to do it.

The illustrations by Andy Case are colorful and bright and bring life to all the characters in the book. The picture of Croodle the Grand Roodle sitting on the floor in diapers with a King Tut headpiece on made me laugh. It was cute and funny at the same time! Kids will also giggle when Voodoo Kiddoodle, a green and yellow zebra looking character, tickles voodle dolls of Norman and Sally with a wet noodle and the characters start laughing uncontrollably. The smelly dog that stands guard, DooDoo Kidoodle is also a hoot and will have kids saying, “pee ewe!”

This fun space adventure is fun for the whole family and will spark creative thoughts about everything from food to tech.

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Star Count /5
Format Hard
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Publisher Enigami
Publish Date 11-Apr-2023
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Issue April 2023
Category Children's