Red Is My Heart

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Have you ever been through a break-up? In Red Is My Heart, Antoine Laurain explores this topic as his character takes us through the stages of heartbreak. First, he appears to suffer from denial, then confusion and the heartache of rejection until he finally comes out on the other side of his emotional roller coaster with a sense of hope that love might be on the horizon once again.
Anyone who has read one of Laurain’s books knows that he is always unique and memorable. And this book is no exception. I found it surprisingly intimate and more emotional than I had expected. Not only does he have some funny musings in this one, like when the character decides to create a new calendar that will symbolize his life after the departure of his lover, he also captures the spirit of unrequited love. Whether his character is thinking of throwing out clothes that remind him of his lost love or writing letters to an imaginary address, he is wrapped up in the world of love and loss.

This work is beautifully presented with drawings by Le Sonneur in black, white, and red, all of which convey the darkness, hope, and love depicted within. If you are a fan of Laurain, you don’t want to miss this one.

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Format Trade
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Publisher Gallic Books
Publish Date 18-Jan-2022
ISBN 9781913547189 Buy this Book
Issue March 2022
Category Romance