Powers and Thrones: A New History of the Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages was a period of time in Europe spanning the fifth through the fifteenth century. The beginning of the era witnessed the collapse of the storied Roman Empire, which was known for its wide swath of territories gained through the use of force by its mighty military. By 410, Rome had been sacked by invaders and would continue to be overrun until 476 with the overthrow of its emperor.

The power shifts over the vast continent of Europe would continue through the Medieval period, from Rome to Germany to France to England. Rulers such as Constantine would spread Christianity over their ruled colonies, while Justinian would modernize laws. The Islamic state would be overseen by the Prophet Muhammad. Plagues surfaced in the sixth and fourteenth centuries, their spread decimating portions of the world. By the end of the millennium, Europe and the world changed forever.

Powers and Thrones is the latest sweeping historical epic from author Dan Jones (The Templars). Jones acknowledges how daunting the task is in covering this hyperactive period, but his work nails every crucial player and event. This book will capture the attention of any and all history lovers and should be required reading.

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Publish Date 08-Nov-2022
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