Metabolism Makeover: Ditch the Diet, Train Your Brain, Drop the Weight for Good

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Men and women – similar, yet different in nearly every aspect. One key difference is weight/body image – men struggle with this too, but more noticeable among women, who feel the pressure to have and maintain a body image expected by society, but more importantly, hopefully, for themselves.

Megan Hansen, RDN, has lived through this struggle and more, took her experiences, did her scientific research, and has presented to us Metabolism Makeover: Ditch the Diet, Train Your Brain, Drop the Weight for Good. It seems too good, but when scientific and biological events reach your ears without the jargon, it makes you feel like a light switch has turned on, and you better understand.

Metabolism Makeover is for any reader; the information is short and concise. Hansen speaks with normalcy you’ll hear on the streets and feel comfortable. Whether or not the reader is familiar with “the metabolic ecosystem” (keeping active, decreasing stress, improving sleep, the importance of muscle, etc.), it seems to make sense how it is all interconnected. Short “past dieter profiles” are interspersed, showing the results of each chapter within real people. Food, cravings, and weight will always be around, so why not learn how to intermingle with them healthily?

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Author Megan Hansen
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Girl Friday Books
Publish Date 02-May-2023
ISBN 9781736357989 Buy this Book
Issue August 2023
Category Health, Fitness & Dieting