Fog & Fireflies

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Fog & Fireflies takes place in a world where the young ones keep the village protected, children are highly valued, and their safety is of great importance. Unfortunately, the children are in danger, as they’re being targeted by strange beings in the fog. Ogma, who is fourteen seasons old, is determined to disregard the voices in the fog. Though she searches for another village, she dreads the consequence of finding one and having to leave the village. However, she finds Dunkirk, who doesn’t speak their language, in the fog just before the break and ends up saving his life twice. Dunkirk’s memory is foggy, but he remembers running from a battle and carrying the curse that staves off the Blue Wizard. Meanwhile, Ogma finds herself separated from her people as she strives to save some from the strange entities hunting them. Fog & Fireflies by T.H. Lehnen engages readers in the dangerous adventures of a relentless protagonist who must save her people and contend with how little she knows about their world as she digs deeper into ancient tales and learns of various powerful beings.

Fog & Fireflies is one of those books that give you a very unique perspective of other forms of reality. From the characters who have never heard of gods to the concept of children protecting the rest of the population, the book offers a brilliant, creative world-building theme that vividly ignites the reader’s imagination. Also, the intriguing world is built with several captivating entities including fireflies, gods, demons, wizards, shadows, and more.

I loved the numerous mysterious concepts in the tale, such as the unpredictable nature of the fog and the strange voices. Following Ogma’s journey as she discovers more about other beings, their ways, and the past was an experience I wished would never end. She emerges as a mindful and observant character since she makes several thoughtful comments about the world around her.

Lehnen’s lyrical English intensifies the magical feel of his splendid fantasy tale. I had to highlight one of my favorite lines, “The warm, flickering glow of firelight played across the wooden logs of the ceiling.” Another amazing aspect of the story is the gradual revelation of relevant information about the world and its creatures. The urge to keep discovering more interesting details about the world had me turning the pages swiftly from start to finish.

I strongly recommend Fog & Fireflies to readers who enjoy books that engender evocative, spine-chilling, and wonder-filled imagination. It’s an enchanting tale with a lot of mysteries and intricate world-building that is far more exciting than the real world. I really hope there’s a sequel to this gem.

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Author T.H. Lehnen
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 375 pages
Publisher Aspen & Thorn Press
Publish Date 11-Apr-2024
ISBN 9798989861019 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy