Humor All The Way

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Life is tough, no doubt. However, choosing to look at it from a humorous point of view can make the journey much more bearable. In Humor All The Way, Renee Servello shares her experience with aging and several other aspects of life through a comical collection of thoughts. The book contains various stories and opinions that senior readers will find relatable as well as some insights and words of advice that will prepare younger readers for their twilight years.

One of the many hilarious remarks by the author reveals that she fears updating her computer because of the possibility of a data breach. Another one discloses how her legs could become tangled and get her into trouble sometimes—turning her into a human rocket that is jet “propelled at 70 miles an hour.” Follow Servello’s hysterically funny and tastefully scintillating observations in Humor All The Way.

When it comes to books about aging, it doesn’t get more hilarious, engaging, and original than Humor All The Way. I didn’t expect to be laughing through almost every page in the book like I did. In fact, I had to pause the book several times just to laugh before proceeding to the next page. I loved that Servello finds humor in experiences that could be considered painful, like taking a long time to remember a name instead of remembering it instantly. I don’t think I would have ever considered the idea of seeing wrinkles on my smooth earlobes if I hadn’t read the book. The book is rife with other similarly introspective insights about different things nobody prepares you for in relation to aging.

This comical book reads like a book of poems as it has titles dedicated to particular themes and lyrical lines that make reading it a joyous, stress-free experience. As it includes several relatable themes, readers will find themselves laughing at themselves and taking a trip down memory lane while they read through the book. Humor All The Way covers such diverse themes as hair loss, grandparenting, marriage, fun, food, driving, grocery shopping, medicines, and makeup. You will also find some lovely family photographs and different quotes from other elders and individuals throughout the course of the book, which add to its elaborate experience.

Humor All The Way reminds us to take life less seriously and share our experiences, which are usually not as isolated as we think, with others. Personally, it gave me a most pleasurable experience I didn’t know I needed. Thank you, Renee Servello!

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Publisher ReadersMagnet LLC
Publish Date 20-May-2022
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