Hearts of Steel (The Blackstone Legacy)

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Maggie Molinaro’s ice cream parlor might well go under due to pressure to buy from a monopoly of ice sellers. Liam Blackwood faces expulsion from his position. Both face the same enemy: Charles Morse. Perhaps, by working together, they can bring him down, but they might find themselves drawn together by a force even more powerful than a common enemy: a mutual attraction.

At first, I was thrilled to read a Christian historical romance that delved into the drama and corruption that made up the business world of the early 1900s. Drama and corruption were certainly present, but the romance felt lacking. The plot follows the basic structure of a romance novel, but the attraction itself came and went far too quickly. Romance readers will be left wanting, while those who came for the struggle against a monopoly may wonder why so much focus is placed on Maggie and Liam’s previous relationships. As for Christianity, it doesn’t have a particularly strong presence. Capitalism, a love of money, and a fear of poverty play stronger roles than God. The plot is thrilling and the characters are, at times, compelling. They simply never came together in a satisfying way.

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Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count
Publisher Bethany House Publishers
Publish Date 17-Jan-2023
ISBN 9780764238451 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Historical Fiction