Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever

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Jim Panzee has a highly relatable problem. He wakes up one day feeling completely silly and takes off running and laughing through the jungle. When his friend Norman suggests Jim has spring fever, Jim rushes off to find a cure. Jim’s friend Water Buffalo informs Jim that he isn’t really sick: Jim just has a lot of energy because it’s spring and he needs to calm down. Then all of Jim’s friends start suggesting ways to calm down, but Jim just explodes angrily with energy.

Jim’s friends back away until Norman suggests that having a lot of energy isn’t bad: Jim just needs to do spring things like hide eggs, plant flowers and climb a tree. After doing all of these things, Jim yells happily that he doesn’t care who knows he has spring fever. With that, all of his friends catch his fever and start doing spring things, too.

So many times, young children are told to sit still and behave. Here, however, their irrepressible energy is seen as a positive if it’s channeled a good way. With spring rapidly approaching, maybe even a few lucky adults with catch their charges’ spring fever and join in the fun as well.

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Author Suzanne Lang, Max Lang
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Publish Date 02-Jan-2024
ISBN 9780593652336 Buy this Book
Issue February 2024
Category Children's