Cruel Seduction (Dark Olympus, 5)

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Unapologetically sensual, Cruel Seductions is a fiery addition to an already smoldering series. The world of Dark Olympus follows the infamous thirteen Greek gods. The twist being that the thirteen are roles, personas, within the city leadership that must always be filled. It’s this ever-evolving chess game of power players that creates vicious drama.

With the city on the cusp of war and public opinion hinging on the next social media post, Aphrodite finds herself walking down the aisle in an attempt to stabilize the city she so loves. A hastily arranged marriage to the recently appointed Hephaestus is a lesson in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. As each plots to overthrow the other, they find themselves besotted with best friends and ex-lovers whom act as unlikely catalysts to unite the four both in and out of the bedroom.

Salaciously decadent, this easy read captivates from the first chapter. The delve into polyamory is an exciting evolution of the various forms of relationships we’ve seen this far in Dark Olympus. While not necessary to have read the previous books in this series there is an underlying plot throughout that is best enjoyed in order.

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Author Katee Robert
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Sourcebooks
Publish Date 08-Aug-2023
ISBN 9781728262765 Buy this Book
Issue September 2023
Category Romance