Camping’s Top Secrets: A Lexicon of Modern Bushcraft

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Jacobson has compiled a collection of tips and ideas for the best camping experience, regardless of experience, and to ensure a safe time for all involved in Camping’s Top Secrets. The book is essentially an A-Z guide (but really only goes up to Y) that touches on and explains aspects of camping; examples include accidents and animals one may encounter in the wild, baking and bugs, canoes, clothing, and cooking, ethics, lightening, and up to weather forecasting and yard goods and repair materials.

The author presents to be serious about this sport and reports on it as a professional would. Camping’s Top Secrets is informative but also enjoyable to read due to Jacobson’s easy writing style; the words flow and include minimal jargon. I have only been camping a handful of times, and never seriously, so I picked out this book to see if there was more to it – there is! Learning of different types and styles of tents, the proper ways of handling your sleeping bag, raingear, pillows, and knots might not sound great to the outsider, but for how much and often the suggestions change even throughout a year, you can’t be too prepared.

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Publisher Falcon Guides
Publish Date 01-Feb-2022
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Issue April 2022
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