Bustling Cities of the World

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In Bustling Cities of the World, children will find fascinating information and vibrant pictures detailing some of the most salient features of thirty different cities around the globe. They’ll be invited to tour across continents, journeying to some of the most interesting and revered cities that exist today. They’ll discover the gorgeous tiles and ornate mosaics of Barcelona as well as the flamenco dancers and delicious tapas. In Stockholm, they’ll be enticed by Stortorget Square, Gamla Stan, and Royal National City Park. When they visit Bangkok, they’ll find all kinds of eye-opening surprises: “floating markets,” fried scorpion skewers, and traditional tuk-tuks, just to name a few.

This reads like a travel guide for youth and adults alike. Parents will enjoy sharing the engrossing text and alluring illustrations with younger children, while older ones may prefer to venture through it independently. The content is likely to spark conversation and add to youths’ real-world and cultural knowledge. This non-fiction pick will be a welcome addition to elementary and middle school libraries as well as classrooms. Additionally, it’ll be a great resource to use for projects covering cultural diversity and world geography. With its extra-large size and captivating cover, it’ll make a perfect coffee table centerpiece as well.

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Author Jana Sedlackova, Magdalena Konecna
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Albatross Media
Publish Date 19-Sep-2023
ISBN 9788000070025 Buy this Book
Issue December 2023
Category Children's