Bible Album: Art Book – New Heart English Bible Edition

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Bible Album is a beautiful album of photography paired with Bible verses from all sixty-six books of the Bible. The cover and each table of contents page have a wonderful light blue textured background with delicate white flowers and parchment that gives the book a feeling of a homemade scrapbook. It is not until the reader delves into the main section of the book that the Bible verses are brought to life with amazing photographs of the Earth and its many wonders. Each season is depicted with gorgeous colors that burst off the page—brilliant oranges and yellows for fall trees, blankets of white snow that look surreal amongst large rocks and naked tree branches, the fabulous green countryside that appears in spring, and the strikingly blue sky and turquoise waters of a summer day.

As someone who grew up in a Christian household, I was familiar with most of the Bible verses in the book. I remember learning them as a child, however there were a few that I had forgotten while reading this book and it made me want to pick up my Bible and research the context of those verses. Because of the exquisite imagery in Bible Album, I would recommend this book to Sunday school teachers. Having one verse on each page would make the verse easier to explain and discuss with the younger generation. I know I would have appreciated a book such as this one as a child.

Because the album is so lengthy, I would suggest it be broken down into hardcover volumes instead of being one book. It would be much easier to reference verses this way without having to flip through the whole book. Also, although the author has stated that he has permission to use the photography in the book, I feel like the photographers should have been given credit for their individual pieces of art. Having such a collection of photographs, I’m sure the photographers would love some credit for all the hard work they put in to deliver these photos for the reader’s enjoyment. It would have also been great to have some sort of ending to the book instead of it stopping at Revelation 22:17. It feels as though the book is incomplete. A note from the author about the book would have been a nice touch.

Overall, this book is wonderful for people of all ages who would like to learn more about the Bible. I can see it bringing great value to churches, Sunday schools, and religious groups.

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Author Esdras Etrenne
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 1785 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 06-Jan-2023
ISBN B0BRVK1TYG Buy this Book
Issue April 2023
Category Religion