Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In

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Being Better by Kai Whiting and Leonidas Konstantankos is a short but enlightening foray into stoicism. This philosophy is as pertinent today as it was in the ancient world. Perhaps even more so, given the nonsense going on the world over.

What I really enjoyed were the engaging stories of the ancients scattered throughout. These led into lessons unique to each person’s story and ended with questions for thought. In addition to better known figures such as Zeno, Musonius Rufus, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Cato, there are a slew of others, such as Cleanthes, Posidonius, and Sphaerus. Sphaerus’ chapter was my favorite, not just for the story and philosophy lesson but also the Spartan history!

This isn’t a book that will teach you “life hacks.” No shortcuts to money, fame, or power. Cultivating a stoic practice is work. Hard work. It will prompt you to face yourself, really face yourself, and gain deeper insight into your psyche, motivations, and intentions. It will guide you in cultivating a virtuous life, a life worth living. Recommended for practicing stoics, baby stoics, and anyone interested in learning more about this most practical of philosophies.

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Publisher New World Library
Publish Date 06-Apr-2021
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Issue December 2021
Category Philosophy