A Novel Disguise (A Lady Librarian Mystery)

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Tiffany Woodall is tired of tending to her half-brother’s every whim. Set in 1784 London, Tiffany’s life is shaken after she makes a shocking discovery when waking her brother up one morning – his dead body. In an act of desperation, she makes the risky decision to bury his body and assume his identity as the Duke of Beaufort’s librarian. Keeping up the ruse is harder than she expected, especially when she must solve the murder of a servant whose death matches that of her brother.

Precision goes into every aspect of the setting which gives it an authenticity that brings it to life while adding a poignancy to the world that shows the reality of being a woman during this time. Facing being left with nothing as an unmarried woman, described as a quiet spinster, Tiffany is driven by desperation. First, to keep her brother’s death a secret so as to keep her home, and then to keep from being caught. The ruse also provides her with her first real sense of freedom which gives her a genuine opportunity to discover herself. A Novel Disguise is a breath of fresh air, offering something new to the historical mystery genre thanks to the clever and humorously charming Tiffany.

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Author Samantha Larsen
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Elizabeth Konkel
Publish Date 16-May-2023
ISBN 9781639103461 Buy this Book
Issue August 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller