101 Super Cute Things to Draw: More than 100 step-by-step lessons for making cute, expressive, fun art! (101 Things to Draw, 2)

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101 Super Cute Things to Draw is an interactive activity that can be done by yourself or with friends and family. The numerous things to draw are collected from common themes, such as everyday objects (i.e., coffee cup, vase, umbrella), food (i.e., waffles, pie, croissant), nature (i.e., cactus, ladybug, leaves), animals (i.e., fox, red panda, hedgehog), and fantasy creatures (i.e., mermaid, dragon, unicorn).

Each category contains a varying amount of ideas, between ten and twenty-nine options; each category and individual item is shown in a six-part series with additional lines and ideas given after each one. The items are drawn in Kawaii fashion, similar to Shopkins characters if you are familiar with them, and each item, regardless of the category, will contain small beady eyes and the smallest mouth with its expression–super cute in my opinion!

I practiced drawing some of these characters with my eight-year-old daughter and we both loved it! The directions are simple, and it will take a lot to get frustrated. Once mastered, each character can make a humorous and pleasant placement to any additional drawings you make! With so many ideas, your options are seemingly endless, can be used in a variety of settings, and are another option to keep the kids occupied during summer break.

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Publisher Walter Foster Publishing
Publish Date 04-Oct-2022
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Issue October 2022
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