Soulscapes, the fifth installment in Lee Woodman’s captivating “Scapes” series, is a poetic odyssey that delves into the multifaceted ways humans seek a connection with and understanding of the divine, whether that be through organized religion, individual spirituality, or some other avenue. Woodman describes herself as a seasoned seeker, a rational sceptic, and a believer in things unexplained by logic, and in this volume she fearlessly embarks on a journey that spans the diverse landscapes of spirituality, drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of faiths. For instance, in “A Child Asks,” the collection’s opening poem, Woodman presents the perspective of someone questioning the nature of god, determining “I think, not darkly, God is death.” This poem suggests an inherent understanding of godliness, even if the specifics differ from person to person. By contrast, in “Bodhisattva of Compassion,” Woodman turns her attention to a particular religion and describes a family’s—likely her own, given her globetrotting childhood—transformative encounter with the young Dalai Lama. In this way, Soulscapes serves as a conduit that allows readers to engage in far-ranging spiritual exploration from the relative safety of their own time and place. Indeed, through Woodman’s curiosity, readers are encouraged to discover, acknowledge, and contemplate … Continue reading SOULSCAPES

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